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AUSTRALIAWIDE Training & Coaching Solutions has been providing proven high quality training, coaching and consulting to our clients for 21 years. And nearly all of our clients who start with us stay with us. Stability is a very important ingredient in building high performing teams and we certainly offer you this.

We currently service over 500 retail and professional clients in the Australian capital cities and in over 70 regional centres around Australia. This gives our team members the experience in handling a variety of clients and situations and in most cases to bring our programs and services to your front door.

Our extensive range of high quality training programs and renowned performance enhancement services have been proven to consistently and significantly improve the knowledge, skills, attitudes and practices of managers, supervisors and team members and help build them into high performing work teams.

We also place a lot of emphasis on innovation and are constantly adding to and improving our programs and services. This enables us to support the ongoing evolution and success of our clients' business and team. We are constantly seeking feedback from our existing clients and responding actively to suggestions and requests so that we can offer an ever expanding range of finely tuned programs and services to them and to our new clients.

We have a team of over 60 dedicated, highly skilled, professional trainers, consultants and coaches (from Cairns in Queensland to Broome in Western Australia) deliver these programs and services. This national network enables us to service multiple branches of national businesses or franchises and individual businesses in regional locations much more economically than our competitors.

We usually assign a Team Facilitator to assist with the ongoing development of our clients' organisation, people, processes and practices. This enables us to be very responsive to our clients' immediate needs and for small businesses it usually saves them the expense of hiring a Human Resources and/or Training Manager.

We have an integrated training and coaching methodology to ensure that once the training is completed, there is follow through to ensure that the desired educational, practical and financial outcomes are achieved.

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AUSTRALIAWIDE Training & Coaching Solutions

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