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Are any of the following a problem in your business?

  • Stock being incorrectly received, unpacked and/or priced?
  • Stock being placed incorrectly on shelves and disciplines such as conforming to shelf tags, bringing stock to front and rotating stock not being followed?
  • Basic merchandising standards in relation to sizing, colour coordination, having enough facings etc are not being followed?
  • Stock and shelves not being cleaned regularly?
  • Out of Stock tags not being used or re-ordering procedures not being correctly followed?
  • Customer requests are not tracked and/or are mismanaged?
  • Unsuitable stock is not being identified and disposed of?
  • Stock locations and/or proximities are inappropriate and/or may provide greater opportunity for theft?
  • Prime Visual Locations are not identified or used effectively?
  • Floor Plan does not expose maximum quantity of product whilst allowing easy access?
  • Lighting, flooring, signage, ticketing, music etc detract from shop's ambience instead of enhancing it?
  • Displays are not done, are done poorly, fall into disrepair or are left in place too long?


Our training programs in this area start from basic knowledge and skills for junior team members, proceed to broader merchandising and visual presentation principles and practices, and culminate in how to create dynamic in-store displays and wonderful window displays for the more creative team members. The programs include:

They are delivered by highly skilled merchandising and visual presentation professionals who will inspire your team members to strive for excellence in this area.


Our professional consultants can also conduct a Visual Audit of your store. This will include photographs and a written report highlighting good practices and displays as well as opportunities for improvement and how to achieve them. Many of our clients have Visual Audits conducted regularly to prevent standards sliding backwards and/or boost standards to higher and higher levels.

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