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Does your business or organisation experience any of these?

  • Breakdowns or deficiencies in service due to a lack of defined processes and procedures?
  • Variations in the quality of services depending upon which team member provides the service?
  • Missed business opportunities due to not being accredited as a Quality Assured company or organisation?


Getting your organisation through the Quality Assurance process can be a difficult, time consuming and stressful exercise.

Our QA Consultants have taken many organisations through to their accreditation. They have supported and assisted by:

  • Acting as coach and/or project manager to ensure that the team members responsible know what is required of them and help them maintain their focus, momentum and enthusiasm
  • Researching and interpreting required standards where you don't have the necessary time or background knowledge
  • Completing time consuming documentation for you
  • Conducting a pre-audit so that any deficiencies can be identified and corrected before the actual accreditation or reaccreditation audit. This will ensure that you pass the audit to a very high level and with greatly reduced stress before and during the audit.
  • Helping you after accreditation to maintain standards for reaccreditation

This support and assistance can:

  • take the stress and difficulty out of the accreditation process for you
  • help you get through to accreditation in the desired time
  • enable you to continue effectively managing your organisation's normal operations
  • ensure that you gain the organisational benefits of Quality Assurance and
  • help you achieve re-accreditation with ease


Dear Sheena,

Thank you very much for being our "Quality Care, Fairy Godmother". About 6 weeks out from our accreditation examination date, you rang regarding use of Pharmacy Choice points for staff training, I remarked I was not interested but if you had a magic wand for Quality Care I would take it. You boldly said you had such a wand; I took you at your word, and didn't look back.

From virtually nothing yet accomplished, and with one good staff member for several hours a week, via the phone and internet, you managed to create a sequence that had section by section the majority of our procedures created and operational. The extra procedures that required documentation, (via our Assessor requirements) you also managed to create. The whole event was painless, and we received a massive 97% pass rate.

So once again Sheena, thank you. Your knowledge of the procedures and requirements is excellent and your templates are priceless (at least, well worth the cost).


Peter Needs
Peter Needs Pharmacy
South West Rocks (NSW)

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