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AUSTRALIAWIDE Training & Coaching Solutions has:

  • An extensive range of high quality training programs and

  • renowned performance management and enhancement services

that significantly improve the knowledge, skills, attitudes and practices of individual managers, supervisors and team members and help to build high performing work teams.


Australians are crying out for good service. They can enter and leave premises without being acknowledged or approached and sometimes with goods they have not paid for. The quality of the greeting often leaves a lot to be desired and often customers are not treated with the importance, respect and the quality of service that they deserve. Complaints are often mishandled as are customers with behavioural challenges. Inappropriate responses in an armed robbery are also a health and legal risk.

We can dramatically change all that. Our customer service training programs and coaching and consulting services improve customer awareness, customer relations and empower team members towards excellence in all aspects of your service.

We help build the culture of your business or organisation to ensure that:

  • customers' needs are being given top priority
  • customers are being acknowledged, approached and greeted in a timely and professional manner
  • customer complaints or difficult customers are positively and professionally handled
  • shoplifting is minimised
  • armed robbery is prevented or handled effectively and safely. both practically and emotionally

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Often many sales opportunities are missed in our businesses with team members simply supplying single products or what the customer has requested rather than fully exploring the customer's needs and informing and influencing them towards the optimum solution for their situation. Team members operate in 'check out' mode instead of as professional sales consultants. Some team members may be too pushy or hard sell whilst others are too soft and take responsibility away from the customer.

Our excellent sales training and sales coaching services educate and skill team members in the selling process, qualifying customer's needs, professional presentations to maximise their desire to purchase, strategies to build their loyalty and ultimately achieve maximum customer satisfaction as well as maximised sales.

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Well presented stock sells itself and our outstanding training programs, consulting services and visual audits educate and empower team members to excellence in this area.

Our training programs progress from basic retail merchandising and stock control disciplines; through important visual presentation aspects such as floor plans, store image and product mix, signage, positioning and proximities, colour coordination, lighting, 'hot spots', 'dead spots'; the creation of dynamic in-store displays and wonderful window displays.

Our visual specialists can inspire your team to 'visual excellence' and train team members in creating attractive in-store or window displays. They can also conduct visual audits periodically to provide you with recommendations for the ongoing improvement in the appearance of your store and stock.

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A team is only as strong as its leaders and managers and supervisors are often given the responsibility of the role without being given the appropriate training and support. Performing tasks is relatively easy whereas managing people is probably the hardest task there is.

Our extensive range of training programs will greatly improve their:

  • Leadership skills
  • People Management Skills
  • Financial Management Skills

Our highly effective Manager / Supervisor Coaching will also ensure that they implement the knowledge and skills from the training, help them solve management problems as they arise, and support their ongoing development.

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Achieving Quality Assurance accreditation can be a major stress and strain on an organisation and its people.

We have highly experienced QA consultants who have successfully guided hundreds of businesses through this process, can do much of the 'legwork' for you, and can make this a rewarding, stress free experience.

They can also guide you in how to maintain standards so that achieving re-accreditation is easy.

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People management problems can have a devastating effect on the performance of a team, the functioning of an organisation and the profitability of a business.

We are renowned for solving such problems as:

  • High staff turnover
  • Lack of teamwork
  • Low staff morale
  • 'Them and us' behaviours
  • Demotivated or under performing team members
  • Ineffective or destructive communication practices and
  • Unresolved conflicts

We have proven programs and services that can help build a culture of positive, responsible, responsive and motivated team members who work together as a high performing work team.

Each of our performance enhancement services will boost your performance significantly. When integrated with the training programs and other services there is a powerful 'synergistic' effect that will accelerate performance even further.

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