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Is the performance of your organisation impacted by any of the following?

  • High staff turnover with resultant inefficiencies and undesired time and money spent in hiring and re-training?
  • Outdated recruitment practices that produce few suitable applicants?
  • Poor selection results which lower the performance of the whole team and are expensive to rectify?
  • New team members who leave or who develop substandard work practices due to ineffective induction processes or practices?
  • Low staff morale and/or demotivated individual team members?
  • Ineffective or destructive communication practices by some team members?
  • Meetings that achieve little or are counter-productive or worse still no meetings?
  • Insufficient accountability, innovation or continuous improvement in the performance of team members?
  • Team members with inadequate task or time management skills?
  • Team members with insufficient self-awareness, confidence or the ability to effectively manage their emotions and behaviours?
  • Lack of teamwork or 'them and us' behaviours with subsequent reduced performance and/or results?


We have an extensive range of performance management and enhancement training programs delivered by dedicated, highly skilled professionals who will work with the team to improve communication and behaviours, enhance productivity and build the culture of a high performing team. Programs include:


Team Review: A Team Review consists of one-on-one interviews with an assigned Team Facilitator and will identify what is working well in the organisation and should not be changed as well as what is not working well or needs changing or improving. Areas identified will include organisational structure, processes or procedures as well as communication practices and behavioural challenges.

Performance Coaching: This service is an invaluable tool in developing and supporting managers, supervisors and individual team members. Regular coaching of the whole team is also a great way to identify and resolve small issues before they become big ones, achieve continuous improvement, enhance personal and collective responsibility and build a culture of high performance.


The recruitment and integration of new team members and departures of existing team members are critical stages in the development of a high performing team. We can add greater professionalism, help improve the outcomes and lighten the load for managers in the following areas:

Recruitment: We are assisting more and more of our clients with the initial recruitment of new team members. This enables them to protect their time for high priority tasks, keep customer service uninterrupted and it provides a high quality process for applicants.

Selection: Having one of our consultants on the selection panel often makes the selection process easier, more professional and with better outcomes.

Induction: Sometimes the best candidates don't stay because their induction is inadequate. We can help design or improve this process and provide coaching sessions to help ensure inductee job satisfaction and retention.

Job Descriptions: We all know the importance of job descriptions but sometimes just don't get around to doing them or updating them. Our consultants can lighten your load in this area and provide you with state-of-the-art and user friendly job descriptions that are of practical value to you and the individual team members.

Performance Appraisals / Reviews: Without performance appraisals / reviews it can be difficult to hold staff accountable for their performance, maintain standards, and to achieve continuous improvement throughout the whole team. Team members on probation may slip through and performance issues may also be overlooked.

A well conducted performance appraisal / review can have a significant positive effect on both team members' performance and on their morale. However a poorly run performance appraisal may end in conflict. Having appraisal sessions professionally facilitated will likely improve both the process and the outcomes.

Exit Interviews: When team members leave they often take a wealth of knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation with them and sometimes don't reveal their true reasons for leaving. Collecting this information is invaluable and is often best done by someone who is professional and independent of the business.


Meetings enable organisations to effectively manage their internal communication. Without meetings communication is often absent, usually one-way, sometimes unplanned and poorly executed, and can even be destructive.

Well run meetings can inform, empower, unite, and be the most valuable activity conducted within the organisation. Poorly run meetings can disempower, demotivate and not only be a waste of time and money but can be even be counter productive. Our professional meeting facilitators can ensure that your meetings (whether they be partnership, management, department, or full team) run well, achieve better outcomes and free team leaders up to participate actively in the decision making and/or encourage other team members to participate and lead more.


When well managed and constructively worked through, conflict can greatly strengthen processes, practices and relationships. When left to fester or if poorly managed, conflict can bring down an organisation.

Using a professional mediator can ensure that the resolution process is constructive, produces positive outcomes, that there is 'true communication' and all parties feel validated, listened to and resolved. Where there has been emotional damage this can also significantly help the healing process.


"When we started using AUSTRALIAWIDE, through some unfortunate decision making, our team had disintegrated into factionalism, defensiveness and a level of dysfunction. Through a combination of some team- level conflict resolution, coaching of our Manager, Customer Service Coordinator and selected team members, and a few of the AW teambuilding programs we are once again a strong and united team. Last week we had our busiest day on record. We didn't even realise it as we were having such a great time. We didn't lose a single customer and waiting times were minimal (shorter than our team standard) and the teamness and synergies that have been unlocked have created a truly awesome team. There is nothing that we can't achieve."
--- Matthew Reid
--- Proprietor, Northam Pharmacy (Western Australia)

“When we engaged Lyall Jones of AUSTRALIAWIDE Training & Coaching Solutions our previously very successful business was in a state of limbo and our management team was pulling in different directions. Lyall used a combination of some Strategic Planning for the Directors, Coaching for the Managers and Facilitation of our Management Team Meetings. Within 4 short weeks we did a complete U-turn. The Directors came up with an exciting new vision for the company, employed a new General Manager, the managers are working much more cohesively and everyone is again focused on growth and profit. We have even purchased new premises and are about to undertake an exciting expansion. I cannot recommend Lyall and AUSTRALIAWIDE’S services enough.”
--- Vernon Kingman
--- Managing Director, Kingman Signs (Western Australia) Yes I would like someone to contact me to discuss how we can better manage and enhance our Performance.

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