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Is the performance of parts of your organisation adversely affected by any of the following?

  • Inadequate leadership, leadership 'vacuums' or power struggles?
  • Outdated recruitment practices that produce few suitable applicants?
  • New recruits who leave or develop substandard work practices due to inadequate induction processes?
  • The risk or reality of legal action due to ignorance of laws relating to employment and people management?
  • An 'unsafe workplace' and/or untrained staff in Occupational Health & Safety?
  • Staff theft?
  • Managers and/or supervisors with poor task and/or time management?
  • Managers and/or supervisors who lack the skills to motivate team members?
  • Lack of accountability, innovation or continuous improvement in the performance of team members?
  • Managers and/or supervisors who lack conflict management skills?
  • Managers and/or supervisors who need to improve their communication skills?
  • Managers and supervisors who need to improve their self-awareness, confidence and their ability to effectively manage their emotions and behaviours?
  • Managers and/or supervisors who lack understanding of retail financial management and sales management?


Our high quality programs, delivered by dedicated, skilled professionals, raise standards to excellence and include:

People Management

Retail Business Management


Whilst training is an invaluable tool in developing managers and supervisors, it has been shown that it produces far greater results when combined with coaching. This ensures that the knowledge and skills learned are applied in the workplace.

Yes I would like someone to contact me to discuss how we can improve aspects of our Manager / Supervisor Development.

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