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Does your business or organisation experience any of these?

  • Customers' needs being given insufficient priority?
  • Lack of awareness of customers entering the premises?
  • Counters being unstaffed or abandoned?
  • Customers not being observed, acknowledged or approached and leaving your retail premises, taking with them their custom or worse still, goods they have not paid for?
  • Theft of cash or goods by staff?
  • Poor telephone practices?
  • Unknowing breaches of customers' privacy making your organisation vulnerable to legal action?
  • Team members who lack the knowledge or skills to effectively handle customer complaints or difficult customers?
  • Team members who lack the knowledge or skills to prevent, or respond appropriately to, an armed robbery and thereby contributing to an unsafe workplace with possible legal ramifications?


We have an extensive range of training programs delivered by dedicated, skilled professionals that will raise your customer service standards to excellence. Programs include:

For Team Members

Excellence in Service Programs

For Managers and Supervisors


Our professional consultants will come to your location(s), observe your customer service, go through our 'Customer Service Audit Checklist' with you and provide a report with recommendations on how to improve your service.

Our professional consultants will regularly call random or selected numbers in your organisation and compete and send a 'Mystery Caller Report' to identify what areas and aspects of your telephone service need improving.


We also conduct Customer Service Coaching with Customer Service managers, supervisors and/or individual team members to educate and empower them to improve their Customer Service leadership and/or personal service.

Yes I would like someone to contact me to discuss how we can improve aspects of our Customer Service.

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